About Us

Open-minded, open-hearted Christianity

We are an inclusive, and progressive Christian church in Vancouver, BC, where we worship and practice an open-hearted, open-minded faith that takes Scripture and the message of Jesus seriously, but not literally.

God’s story is the story of all Creation, and we believe we are kin with all Creation so we care deeply about the ecological stewardship of the earth. In our faith, God lovingly gestures us forward to create a new and vibrant world of peace, love and justice.

Rather than to “hold out” for a peaceful world in an afterlife, our mission as a spiritual community is to actively build a new earth now, one that includes authentic relationships, social and ecological justice for all, and fosters peace through Jesus’s radical love of all humanity.

Our faith mission is to be active co-participants in God’s dream and we make ourselves open to this dream through prayer, the study of Scripture, and in the caretaking of our personal relationships and the ones within our communities.

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