Past Events

June 25, 2017
We had a great kick-off to the Affirming process at CMUC! About 60 people gathered in the great hall after church. We opened with prayer and then covered the basics of what the Affirm process entails,  what Affirming ministries are/do, and the differences between “welcoming” and “affirming”. After watching video clips of two Affirming congregations (one from Edmonton and one from Vancouver), we broke into small groups to discuss  “What surprised or touched you in the film?” and “What did you discover about what it means to be affirming”.  We then heard from Doug Jameson, our guest speaker, on the importance of the Affirm process and status. We reformed our small groups to  discuss on our hopes and fears or concerns for the process.  Some of the threads of conversation captured in the groups’ notes are collected here: summary .  We ended by sharing the draft of our journey in the Affirming process over the next year and closed with a prayer from the Open Hearts resource of Affirm United.