We’re hiring!

Our inclusive, progressive community is looking for a superstar Office Administrator for the non-ministry functions of our church and busy rental facility. The Office Administrator is both the face of our community to the public and the nexus for our ministry staff and congregants.

The role is ideal for a go-to type of person (the anticipator, detail-watcher, and systematiser) used to working in an open office environment keeping everything running smoothly. If you have experience in administration, operations, office management, hospitality and/or events management, this position might suit you.

We hope our new Office Administrator can begin two weeks’ training on July 15 to ensure a smooth transition when the incumbent leaves on August 2.

Read all about the opportunity HERE.

Feel free to spread the word! Here are a couple of sample social media posts you may wish to use:


Do you know a superstar Office Administrator looking for a new opportunity in Vancouver? @canadianmemorialunitedchurch is hiring! Spread the word! Check out the details here: http://bit.ly/CMUC-job-openings


Canadian Memorial is hiring! They’re looking for a superstar Office Administrator to join the team. Do you know anyone who fits the bill? Check out the details here: http://bit.ly/CMUC-job-openings

Notice of Congregational Meeting

Everyone in our community is welcome to attend our Congregational Meeting on July 7. It will be in our church sanctuary immediately after worship service on July 7 (starting time will be approximately 11:45am). There will be a budget to approve and new Board members to appoint, and we’ll do our best to wrap it all up within an hour or so. Childcare will be available in the Nursery.

Sunday, July 7 immediately after worship service in the church sanctuary

Message from Rev. Beth – June 2019

Sunday, June 9, we celebrate Pentecost, the day the Holy Spirit landed on the people of the early church likes tongues of fire. Don’t you wish sometimes that Spirit would land on your head like a flame, leaving you no doubt that this is a moment to pay attention? Wouldn’t it be fabulous if opening your mouth to speak, every person from every place, speaking every language understood every word? (Heck, I’d settle for my children understanding the phrase, “Please empty the dishwasher!”)
We can take a bit of comfort in the fact that even those Spirit-infused folks in the first Pentecost story turned to one another and asked, “What does this mean?” Times are changing and summer’s a coming, and what better time to pay attention to the places where you are being visited by the very presence of holy love? Where is Spirit at work in your life? What unknown future are you called to create in the name of holy love?
Those answers don’t always come easy, but they are made a little easier and a lot richer when we set the intention to try to figure it out in community. Scroll down to see the many ways you are invited to show up and worship, play, pray, serve and question together. Who knows where Spirit might land?



Lead Minister

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Invitation to participate in spring gardening

Well-tended gardens feed the soul of the community and of the gardeners.

The CMUC gardening ministry team welcomes additional volunteers to help care for the perennial beds around our property. Tools, training and group-building are available. The options below accommodate various schedules and preferred working styles:

Group Gardening: Sherry Burrows or an experienced alternate will be available to give ideas on areas for focus to those who want to garden on a given day. You can come as little or as often as you wish,  on most Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:30-11:00am, give or take. (Please register so you can be informed of any schedule changes.)

Individual Gardening: You are welcome to come when the spirit moves you, using the Garden Log kept in the office to find out the areas of focus for that week and communicate what you’ve accomplished. (Please register so you can be in the loop about developments that affect gardening activity.)

Gardening Connection Circle: Care of Self, Others, and the Garden – This group of eight individuals will meet 9:30-11:00am on Friday mornings (May 3, 10 and 31, and June 7, 14 and 21). Sessions will begin and end in the Meditation Room. Each session will combine open-hearted listening to ourselves and others at the opening and the closing, a short presentation on an environmentally-friendly gardening topic, and about half an hour of silent unstructured time in the garden to use as your soul guides you – contemplation, artistic pursuits, and/or active gardening. Wilda Bostwick will facilitate.


For more information about any of these opportunities, speak to Sherry Burrows or Wilda Bostwich during Coffee Hour each Sunday, or drop by Tuesday/Friday mornings and chat with any of the gardeners present.

“Beloved Child: The Initiation of Jesus” as told by the kids of the Burrard St Story Guild

Join us at church on Sunday, May 5 as our children and youth of the Burrard St Story Guild lead the service and offer us a theatrical telling of the baptism and temptations of Christ.

Service starts at 10:30am. All are truly welcome.

Our church is at the corner of Burrard Street and W 15th Avenue.

ABOUT THE BURRARD ST STORY GUILD: The Burrard St Story Guild had its inaugural launch at CMUC in the spring of 2018 with its storytelling of the prophet Jonah. Story Guild uses theatre arts to invite children (ages 4+) and teens into the stories of the Hebrew and Christian traditions. Participants are given lots of options as regards the extent of their involvement on the stage (depending on confidence and skill levels), yet regardless of experience or training (none required) all the participants work together to build a storytelling event that touches the hearts of young and old alike.