Books of Remembrance- finding your family’s history

Canadian Memorial holds the

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only copies of the Books of Remembrance outside of Ottawa. The Books list the names of Canadians who served

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and lost their lives during

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and shortly after WW I and II. We are opening our doors and the books to the public on Sunday Nov 11 from 1-4pm. If you have family members who fought in either of the wars it can be a moving experience to see their names listed.

Give yourself a historic experience as part of your Remembrance day reflections. Tours of the historic stained glass windows along with music and refreshments are part of this free open house.

Rev Tom Thresher this Sunday Nov 3rd- On why an evolving church matters

Our guest preacher this Sunday Nov 3rd is Rev Tom Thresher, one of only 2 Integral preachers in the US. He will be speaking on why being an evolving faith community might be the thing that “saves” religion. If you want hear a compelling and fun trailblazer, don’t miss this? For more about Tom and

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his work, visit his site.

Getting an Integral Map for your spirituality

Maps are a funny thing. Without them we have a tougher time navigating our world but sometimes we get hung up on when adn why to use them when it comes to anything psychological or spiritual. The Integral community has made itself a double-edged sword in that it has created great tools for understanding our

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psychological processes and ways of seeing the world that can then be used to free us from blocks and barriers to understanding, happiness and meaning. But, the language used by that community has often come off as “too academic” and this has turned away a good many curious people from exploring these tools.


is why we are thrilled to have Tom Thresher coming to teach a workshop on “Experiencing Integral Church- Stages of Faith”. Tom is fully trained in Integral theory and practice but you don’t have to be to take his workshop! He offers meaningful and practice tools that can deepen your spiritual journey and help you understand your own blocks and dark moments. Plus, Tom

makes this all fun and engaging too! The workshop is $25 and more details can be found here.

What is means to be religious in a secular age

Religion has gotten a justifiable critique in our current time and place. Celebrated writer and atheist Christopher Hitchen takes organized religion to task for creating climates of intolerance, wars, poverty, and fostering ignorance. Such a critique is healthy and necessary as religious institutions are human-made structures and full of the same inequities and issues that we see in any such structures (governments, companies and class systems come to mind). As progressive Christians and/or seekers we should welcome this critique because it allows us to talk about what religion can actually be about: transformation, awe, social justice, transcendence, love and peace.

This discussion of “why religion matters” is currently being stripped out of the debate. Some of the many reasons this is taking place is that writers like Hitchens and Dawkins only present one view of religion: a viewpoint that tends to have a literal interpretation of religious texts and consequently a rather narrow field of acceptable behavior and expression. In addition, people who fall on the progressive spectrum of religious belief tend to not “evangelize” and like most left-leaning statements, they don’t exactly make for good sound bites! There is also a fair amount of shame attached to being religious now, as if the term has become synonymous with ignorant, intolerant or “prone to magical thinking”. Again, it is important to take the long view here: up until now it has been taken for granted that religion has been “right” and “significant”. With the huge expansion of knowledge in science and technology there are answers to questions that religion used to

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“solve” and so religion is being revised in our worldview.

But why does the discussion about religion need to be defined this way? Those of us who see

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ourselves as spiritual and/or religious and who see the richness in a faith tradition are now being called to be a strong voice for a way of being in the world. Christianity is at a point where the “empire” or connection to imperialism is loosening and its message about love, equality and a kingdom of

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Heaven here on earth is a powerful antidote to a profit-driven, selfish and often lacking in awe kind of culture we seem to be sliding into. Now is also the time to voice the felt sense of the spiritual, of the Holy Spirit, and of the sense of being connected to a larger Story if we want to create a world that does in fact value our planet and all Creation.

Being this version of religious in a secular age is uncomfortable. You won’t fit neatly into a category. But it may well be the most spiritually important thing you can do with your faith.