Resources for families



Sacred stories, told well, can become lifelong inner compasses for our children, enabling them to pass through times of loss and grief, hope and longing when needed.  To that end we are committed at CMUC to equip families with good Bible story books that enable children to engage the stories at age appropriate levels and find the spiritual value of the ancient texts that lie at the heart of the Hebrew and Jewish traditions.  If you don’t currently have an age-appropriate Bible in your home that your feel confident reading with your child speak to one of the leaders who will be happy to supply you with one.


The church library has a wonderfully stocked section of story books, both Christian and more broadly spiritual content, as well as books of nurturing faith in the home, the spiritual life of children, etc.  Seek out our church librarian, Michelle Cobban (who is also a children’s librarian with the City of Vancouver) and ask her for a recommendation.  A few books will be on display every Sunday at the south end of the Great Hall colouring tables for parents and kids to browse (and check-out if so inspired!)

Bulletin Boards

Don’t forget to visit the bulletins in the hallway on the main floor of the Centre for Peace for printed announcements of church-led and wider community events that may be of interest in the spiritual life of your child or teen.