Evolutionary Christianity


Our Theology

At Canadian Memorial we practice Evolutionary Christian Spirituality. This means we believe that we can practice conscious spiritual evolution and that God is present in the impulse of life to evolve.

We believe that humans have evolved, not just physically but consciously as well. As individuals, each of us repeats an evolutionary arc in multiple ways throughout our lifetime. From birth to death, we are drawn forward in time, learning, being challenged, growing and trying to make the most of our lives. That same evolutionary arc happens within culture, as peoples and nations reach for greater autonomy, self-expression and self-determination.

Evolutionary Christianity sees evolution as a divine strategy for making the world a better place. Through the evolutionary impulse, God is alluring all of creation to continue realizing the highest possible expressions of goodness, truth and beauty. We see Jesus of Nazareth as an evolutionary high point. His call to LOVE is as relevant in our times as it was then. God is alluring us to LOVE. Now we, “made in the image of God”, have the power and choice to love and serve one another, protect our species, creation and our earth.