Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Join us for Holy Week at CMUC

Good Friday
April 14 :: 10:30am

The thing about Easter is that it really makes no sense without Good Friday. There is no empty tomb without a cross, no resurrection without death, no “aha” moment without some monumental failure. Good Friday is about daring to show up at the crosses of your life, emptying yourself of all that threatens to entomb you. If it feels way too risky, if you wonder: “can I actually live without this part of myself?” you are quite likely getting close to what it is that needs to be dropped at the cross.

Join us Friday at 10:30. You might be unsettled but you won’t be disappointed.

Easter Sunday
April 16 :: 10:30am

Are you feeling like there is more despair than hope, more to be afraid of than to trust in? Do yourself a favour and come to church this Easter. It’s the day we’re reminded that the impossible is possible, that love can win, that even death can’t stop the power of Love.
Join us at 10:30 this Sunday when we’ll fill up on music that leaves you dancing, words that leave you dreaming and community that envelops you in the tangible presence of Love.
After the service, our youth group is hosting a scavenger hunt. Collect all the signs of spring to win Easter prizes!