Message from Rev. Beth: Sermon series for Lent

One of the most arduous spiritual tasks is that of giving up control and allowing the Spirit of God to lead our lives.

 Let’s turn the Lenten practice of giving things up on its head this month. How about, instead of giving up the simple pleasures of life we take a journey inward and examine the things within, our ways of being in the world, that no longer serve and that hold us back from becoming our true selves? Let’s make this a season of introspection and self-emptying. How can we ever make room for new life to enter if we’re filled up with our ready answers and threadbare truisms?
Lent begins with a pancake feast after service on March 3; be sure to bring fruit to share! Then on Ash Wednesday (March 6) you can drop by the Centre for Peace any time between 7am and 7pm for your own personal imposition of the ashes. You can even drive into the parking lot and “honk for service.” A reflective service will be held in the Great Hall at 6:30pm that day. We then get into our Lenten sermon series on “Giving it Up” – see image below for details.
Be sure to check out the event calendar here on our website or the weekly announcement bulletins for all that is happening in our community this month, including a fundraiser hosted by the youth.

And remember to take time to consider – What do I need to give up for Lent?

See you soon,
Rev. Beth