Message from Rev. Beth – Summer 2019

In a few short days I’ll set off for my annual pilgrimage to Nova Scotia. It’s a time I look forward to as I exchange to-do lists for unstructured reconnection with family. I look forward to lobster feasts and the toe-numbing feel of the Atlantic. I even look forward to visiting the Protestant Cemetery in Wreck Cove, to visit all my relations and feast on the blueberries that refuse to let death have the final word.
But before I set sail, or catch air, as the case may be, I’m attending a course this week at the Vancouver School of Theology. Theologian Thomas Jay Oord offers the kind of reflections that require a bit of a holiday to really absorb. He says God is all loving. He says that God can’t stop evil. He says God is relational, luring us in each moment to choose the very best option before us. This is how he explains it in his own words:
A God worthy of our worship cannot be Someone who causes, supports or allows genuine evil. In fact, I believe it is impossible to worship wholeheartedly a God who loves halfheartedly. We might fear a God who helps sometimes but other times chooses not to, but we cannot admire this God unreservedly.
If you long for some food for spiritual thought this summer, I invite you to worship this Sunday, July 14, when Professor Oord will challenge you to consider what you can do in the face of a God who can’t. This kicks off a series of guest preachers for the summer that I invite you to hear speak, each with their own scrumptious food for thought to offer, through to my return mid-August. 



Lead Minister

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