Mission and Values

 Who We Are

We are called by God to be an open-hearted, open-minded community, teaching and practicing evolutionary Christian spirituality.

 What We Do

  • invite and welcome spiritual seekers of all backgrounds.
  • celebrate the sacred mystery of life.
  • nurture loving community.
  • support each other to evolve spiritually.
  • respond compassionately to the suffering in all life.
  • communicate evolutionary Christian spirituality to the world.

 What We Are Committed To

We open to sacred wisdom in our decision-making

We cultivate authentic, loving relationships.

We embrace ecological, personal, cultural, and religious diversity.

Peace and Justice:
We promote peace and justice for ourselves, in our relationships, in our world, and with all creation.

We strive to live ecologically and spiritually sustainable lives.

We manifest the spirit through innovation, creative expression, music and the arts.

We give abundantly of ourselves.

We cultivate joy in our relationship with God and with each other.