The Spirit of the Lord is upon me;
he has appointed me
to preach Good News to the poor;
he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted
and to announce
that the blind shall see,
that captives shall be released
and the downtrodden shall be freed
from their oppressors.
{Luke 4:18}

Preaching is a central part of sharing the Christian faith. It is not an attempt to convince or force anyone into believing something, it is sharing the rich spiritual tradition and wisdom of Jesus with each other. Christianity is a communal faith – we go beyond our own personal practice and come together to be challenged, enlightened and to deeply question our beliefs.

Sermons at Canadian Memorial will include Scripture, the latest thinking in philosophy and psychology, social justice themes, contemporary issues, myth and personal honesty. Come and be challenged!

Interested in the readings for the week? Click here for the lectionary generally used throughout the year.  The Bible we use is the New Revised Standard Version.

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December 15, 2013: Imagining the Impossible by Rev. Beth Hayward

Posted on Dec 15, 2013
I have been to jail a few times, to the city jail, provincial detention centres and even on occasion to a federal prison – but always on the edges. Just for a few hours: just visiting. It’s noisy and it’s bright, crowded and not so pleasant. Knowing that I will be allowed to leave when
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December 8, 2013: Broken Branches by Ryan Slikfa

Posted on Dec 08, 2013
Isaiah 11:1-10                      Matthew 1:1-17 What a way to begin a story. Mark’s gospel begins in the thick of things with John the Baptist at the side of the river Jordan shouting “repent!” Luke’s gospel begins with a dedication to a faithful reader. John’s gospel begins cosmically, way
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Nov. 17, 2013: A Call to Testify by Rev. Beth Hayward

Posted on Nov 17, 2013
Were you here last week?   It was great wasn’t it? Our choir joined by the rich voices of Universal Gospel Choir, an address from civil rights activist Jack O’Dell, a compelling and inspiring message of peace and we managed to weave into that a sombre acknowledgement of the sacrifices of those
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October 27, 2013: Beloved Jewel by Rev. Beth Hayward

Posted on Oct 27, 2013
The late Archbishop Oscar Romero had the practice of including in his communion prayer a reading of the names of those from his church who had died or disappeared in the previous week.  After the speaking of each name the congregation would respond in Spanish: “Presente,” meaning: here,
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