Opening: Minister of Children, Youth & Families

Job Opening: Minister of Children, Youth & Families


The Minister of Children, Youth & Families creates and coordinates age-appropriate, relevant and theologically progressive programs for CMUC children and youth. In collaboration with the Lead Minister and Minister of Community Life, s/he helps build connections among the congregation, nurtures loving community and supports children and youth as they evolve spiritually.


The Administrator reports to the Lead Minister, who conducts the Minister of Children, Youth & Families’ annual performance review in conjunction with the Ministry & Personnel Committee. Terms of employment and working conditions are provided by the Board through the Ministry & Personnel Committee.


Children & youth leadership, programming and pastoral care

  • In collaboration with the Lead Minister, develops a comprehensive, age-appropriate and theologically progressive children’s and youth curriculum
  • Develops stimulating interactive lessons based on the Bible, creation care and the awareness of other faiths, appropriately enhanced through nature study, story-telling, crafts, music, dance and other disciplines
  • Attends the opening of worship services, leads children to the Centre for Peace for programs and returns with the children for communion
  • In collaboration with the ministry team, contributes to the worship service; e.g., makes announcements, provides when requested the “time with the children” piece, encourages congregants to share their skills/interests in children and youth programming, and encourages youth to bring their friends
  • Integrates children and youth into the congregation’s community outreach and social justice activities
  • Provides a pastoral presence to individual children and youth as needed
  • In collaboration with the ministry team, develops and supports family events involving children and youth; e.g., Camp Fircom congregational retreat, intergenerational services, Family Circle Breakfasts, summer picnic, Hallowe’en party, etc.
  • Writes monthly newsletters to parents, children and youth, promoting family events and CMUC, supporting family rituals, and relevant community events.

Staff recruitment and training

  • Recruits, books, trains and provides lesson plans for paid staff and volunteers leading Children’s Church programs on Sunday
  • Ensures the provision of leaders for Children’s Church classes each Sunday for approximately two hours
  • Ensures the provision of leaders for youth programs

Ministry team

  • Attends regular meetings convened by the Minister for key staff
  • Meets regularly one-on-one with the Minister
  • Liaises with the Minister of Congregational Life to communicate relevant information with regard to the pastoral needs of the children and/or their families
  • As needed, provides descriptive text, photos, costs, and other details to staff who handle the communications and marketing of programs for children & youth

Church community and neighbourhood

  • Builds connections with Children’s Church leaders at other United Churches
  • Liaises with the Vancouver Presbyteries Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • Is actively involved in the congregational life of Canadian Memorial; e.g., special events, congregational meetings, Newcomers’ lunches, etc.
  • Coordinates volunteer activities related to children and youth programs eg. Children’s Church special guests, event set-up, materials donations etc.
  • Positively represents Canadian Memorial and the United Church of Canada to congregants and non-congregants

Continuing education

  • Pursues personal, vocational and professional goals for continuing education in conjunction with the M & P Committee


  • Sets goals for ongoing self-care by maintaining a healthy balance of his/her own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being to include rest, recreation and professional development
  • Collaborates with the M & P Committee to meet these goals




  • Formal teaching qualifications OR Early Childhood Education training OR equivalent work experience in teaching and providing programs for children (camp or church setting or after school care is applicable)
  • Experience/history in the United Church of Canada OR in another Christian denomination
  • Understanding of youth culture and child/adolescent development, particularly faith development
  • Experience managing staff, formally or informally (desired, not required)
  • Intermediate Microsoft Office skills (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint). WordPress, Twitter, Facebook skills an asset
  • Knowledge of his/her spiritual gifts


  • Experience in group facilitation and program planning/implementation for children and youth
  • Biblical literacy
  • Experience in interactive and creative programming; e.g., ability to draw from areas such as nature studies, music, art, dance, yoga, physical activity and play, drama, etc.
  • Ability to recruit, develop and coordinate volunteers

Communications skills

Clear and engaging communicator, both verbally and in writing; able to articulate feelings and emotions

Intellectual skills

Conceptualizes, researches; identifies patterns, problems, causes; conceives novel solutions and approaches; champions change and innovation

Interpersonal skills

Warm, accessible, non-intimidating; builds rapport readily; establishes and maintains effective relationships; sensitive to others’ views and concerns, compassionate; LGBTQ aware

Organizational skills

Coordinates people and processes, manages group efforts, resolves conflicts, creative thinker

Personal skills

Manages time, networks, takes initiative, committed to learning and self-development


Enjoys children, energetic, personable, collaborative, espouses an evolutionary perspective of Christianity, models integrity and trust


  • Term position: November 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018
  • 20 hours per week with flexibility in scheduling
  • Salary as negotiated with Canadian Memorial
  • Travel allowance of $0.39 per kilometre to an annual limit of $250
  • Continuing education allowance of $300 per year
  • Vacation of 3 weeks per year – prorated
Canadian Memorial is an equal opportunity employer, and welcomes applications from persons of diverse backgrounds.