Tama Ward

Minister of Children, Youth & Families

Finding meaningful points of entry into the biblical story for children and youth is a vocational pursuit for Tama. She believes that the stories of the Bible, at their best, can lay the course for a deeply engaging and lifelong spiritual path. She has an MDiv from McMaster University in Ontario and has previously worked with Baptists, Catholics, Muslims and First Nations and in Ontario, BC, Mexico and Kenya exploring the value of sacred stories and sharing those stories across faith and cultural traditions. She founded the story guild method, a program that combines the energy, capacity for belief, and artistry of children and youth with the cultural, visual and performing arts to embody and tell stories of faith.

When Tama is not dabbling in sacred stories you’re likely to find her milking cows at a dairy farm in Pitt Meadows or writing creative non-fiction and memoir in a coffee shop on Main St.

She lives with her partner, Loren, and their teenaged children, Abigail and Oliver, in East Vancouver.