The Canadian Memorial Choir is a long-standing element of the musical tradition at our church. The choir is a group of warm, communally minded individuals who enjoy giving of their time, both to experience the personal pleasure (and health benefits!) of singing in a choir, as well serving the church community by being an integral part of the musical leadership for Sunday morning services and special events.

Individually, the choir’s members are active in other performing groups, and range in training from highly trained vocal professionals to singers who have never studied and do not read music. The choir is always open to new people who are interested in singing. No audition necessary!

The choir’s mission is to be leaders in worship through music, and to help facilitate the connection of people to the spirit, through music. We perform a wide variety of music from many styles and traditions. Gospel, contemporary and classical music genres figure prominently in our morning services, with forays into music from other cultures and religious traditions.

Being part of the choir is both personally rewarding as well as beneficial to the overall church communally.

To get involved contact our Director of Music, Lonnie Delisle.

To hear a sample of our music, click on the links below:

Christmas 2015:

Christmas 2014:

Remembrance Day 2013: