The Sacrament  of Communion

One of the most ancient and important rituals in the Christian faith is holy communion, and we celebrate the sacrament on the last Sunday each month.  Early Christians felt the mysterious presence of Christ when the gathered for a meal and invited the hungry to share it with them. Over time, this became a symbolic meal. A real dinner turned into the sharing of bread and a common cup. The ritual has many layers of meaning.

In our congregation, everybody is welcome to take part in communion. You don’t need to be a member of Canadian Memorial, or even Christian. In essence, it is a concrete way to  be “fed” by God’s love – a love that isn’t limited to a particular religion or denomination.

It might seem a bit strange at first if you’ve never received communion before. But don’t worry. We’ll give clear instructions before you come up to receive communion. By the way, in the United Church we don’t serve real wine – it’s juice. We did this because there are a lot of people who struggle with alcohol addiction in society, and we want to make the sacrament accessible to as many people as possible.