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Sustainability Circle

With personal practices and eco-educational events for our congregation and the greater community, we are striving to bring a more ecologically caring worldview into being. Meetings are in the Vestry on the third Sunday after church. For further information, please contact Sheila Smith

Canadian Memorial is a proud host of Be The Change Earth Alliance, which hosts circles and symposiums dedicated to creating communities of change. Focusing on eco-action and sustainability issues, Be The Change is an answer to our call to protect the planet and nourish all life.

In May of 2014, the CMUC Sustainability Circle organized a letter to Premier Christy Clark asking her to rescind the provincial permits granted for expansion of the Fraser surrey Docks at Texada Island. This letter was signed by fifty-one faith leaders from various faith traditions including Christian, Jewish, Unitarian, Quaker, and Sikh.

Expansion of the FSD would double the amount of coal being transshipped through British Columbia to Asia, adding more GHGs to the atmosphere and further ravaging our damaged planet.

A reply from Mining Minister Bill Bennett did not address our main concern, global climate destabilization.

British Columbia is fast becoming the dirtiest Canadian province supporting transportation and transshipment of toxic fossil fuels across BC and from our coastline to Asia. Our premier and prime minister have stripped environmental safeguards and fast-tracked approval processes, all in favour of endorsing a deadly, dying industry whose ultimate legacy is merely a faster demise of life as we know it.

Through a formal reply to the provincial government, Faith Leaders continue to press Premier Clark for moral leadership on the issue of US thermal coal exports.

For further information on Climate change here are some resources provided by Kevin Washbrook of Voters Taking Action on Climate Change:

Kevin Anderson                               Climate Change: Going Beyond Dangerous (slide show)   Climate Change: Going Beyond Dangerous (article)

Coming to terms with the problem, and possible responses:

Michael Nelson                                 To a Future Without Hope

Paul Keeling                                      Come Hell and High Water

Alder Stone                                        Facing and Surviving Climate Change with Honest Hope

Roy Scranton                                     Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene

Chris Hedges                                     The Myth of Human Progress

Terry Tempest Williams                    What Love Looks Like

Ric Hugens                                        Tim de Christopher’s Unreasonable Morality

Derek Jensen                                     Beyond Hope

Dave Roberts                                     Hope and Fellowship

Centre for Ecoliteracy                      On Climate Change and Applied Hope

To say no to expanded thermal coal exports:

Write to the Premier and the Port Authority:      RealPortHearings.org

To show opposition to a new tar sands pipeline through Burnaby:

Peoples’ Procession and Rally to oppose the Kinder Morgan Pipeline, April 12, Burnaby

For more information and to help make it happen:   BurnabyPipelineWatch.ca