Lay Ministries

Come share your gifts! These are all volunteer led and free to join. The purpose is to use your talents to serve either the congregation or the larger community.  Have a great idea for a ministry? Contact Rev Beth Hayward to explore new possibilities.

Connection Circle Ministry

Connect in community, deepen your faith, and have fun with friends using your small group leadership skills.  Resources and training are available.

service-ministryService & Justice Ministry

Our tradition calls us to serve those who are poorly clothed, hungry, and otherwise in need. This ministry is for you if you have a passion for justice and a call to service. Check out our Peace and Social Justice page for more details on some of the causes we actively support.

card-ministryCard Ministry

Use your photography, painting or graphic skill to create beautiful art cards for our congregation’s milestone moments.
Linda Washington

Church-Decor-ministryChurch Decor Ministry

Work with flowers and seasonal trimmings to create beautiful and holy space. 

communications-ministryCommunications and Publicity Ministry

Spread the word about our events and our community by distributing posters, graphic designs, or tweeting.

garde-ministryGardening and Property Ministry

Care for the grounds, gardens, and buildings of the Centre for Peace and Church. David Macvey

healing-ministryHealing Ministry

Engage in Reiki and other healing modalities to support the physical and emotional well-being of our community. Healing offered on the second and fourth Sundays after church. Margit Ostermann.

photography-ministryPhotography Ministry

Bring your photography skills to contribute images for our bulletin and website and highlight our work in the world. Gabriel Viehweger.

Stewardship-Finance-&-Board-MinistryStewardship, Finance and Board Ministry

Bring your financial, administrative, or fundraising skills to our boards and committees to help our church flourish. Contact our board chair Duncan Etches to get involved.

Greeting-ministryGreeters and Hospitality Ministry

Greet and guide anyone who comes to our church service, whether newcomers or frequent attendees. Serve refreshments and create a welcoming space after the service. Elisabeth Tanner, 604-875-1084.

knitting-ministryKnitting Ministry

Share your knitting skills! Make gifts for those in need or in celebration of life events. Kathleen Gunn.

Library-ministryLibrary Ministry

Organize and care for our great collection of spiritual books. The best in psychology, theology, science and fiction. Ministry opening for a coordinator:  Contact Cathy McPherson, 604-731-6922.

newcomer-ministryNewcomers Ministry

Create a welcoming community for those who are new to our church by helping with the set-up, serving, and cooking the monthly lunch. Mary Lou Whittaker, 604-689-3632.

office-hospitality-ministryOffice Hospitality Ministry

Use your office and administrative skills to greet visitors, manage the facilities, and do administrative tasks at the Centre for Peace.

prayer-ministryPrayer Ministry

Hold the joys and sorrows of the community in prayer. Join us in the practice of prayer and of creating prayers. Ministry opening for a coordinator: Contact Rev Beth Hayward, 604-731-3101 ext 1

tele-ministryVisiting and Teleministry

Meet regularly with a senior member of the congregation in their home, residence or in hospital to support their spiritual needs or help them stay connected to the congregation via telephone.  Linda Denham.