Music has the power to transport us, transform us and move us like no other creative medium. Coming to church should include the experience of moving out of our ordinary mind-space and moving deeply into our hearts and connecting with something greater than ourselves. Music can allow us to release our pain, share our joy and commune with one another. The creative impulse is a Divine gift from God to all of humanity and so whether we sing, play music, clap, or just listen we are co-creating a sacred space to let God in and let our full selves show up.

The choir and worship band are always open to new people who are interested in singing, please contact Lonnie if you are curious about getting involved.

To learn more about our talented Director of Music visit our staff page here or watch the Music at Canadian Memorial video. 

To get a taste of one of our concerts, featuring our choir and the Universal Gospel Choir, watch the Remembrance Day Concert video.