Your Calling

Each of us has unique spiritual gifts to offer to our world. We encourage each other to offer our gifts as we feel called.

Our Programs (often called Lay Ministries) are mostly volunteer-led and focus on the health and wellbeing of the people in our church, in our greater community and on this earth.  Our history as a Centre for Peace means we feel called to focus on Peace and Social Justice and Ecological Sustainability, so we focus on ministries that help out folks in the Downtown Eastside and advocate for environmental issues that affect our province.  We want our children and youth to have healthy spiritual lives so we run programs and camps that support questioning minds. Finally, we are a community that used the ancient and modern Christian practice of exploring and supporting each other in small groups, so we run Connection Circles and other spiritual programs to help us grow together in community.

Below are links to information about our various types of programs:

Children, Youth & Families

Programs for the Spiritual Seeker

Lay Ministries

Environment & Sustainability

Peace and Social Justice



For a calendar of events and upcoming programming, check out our Event Calendar.

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